About Community Cats Maryland

Community Cats Maryland, Inc., founded in 2009, is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Maryland residents who care for feral cats—unowned or stray cats who live outdoors. We are proponents of trap-neuter-return (TNR), a humane method of population control, and can provide education and services for feral cat caretakers.

CCMD ran monthly feral cat spay/neuter clinics through November of 2016, as well as educational workshops through 2013, to teach caretakers about TNR. Our goal is to help caretakers help their cats, by providing advice, cat trapping and transport assistance, access to low-cost spay/neuter services, and loan of humane trapping equipment. We can often provide volunteers to assist caretakers with cat trapping and transportation feral cats to/from spay/neuter clinics. While we search for a new location to reinstate the CCMD clinic program, we can still offer advice and assistance on TNR issues.

If you are caring for feral cats and want to get them TNRed, visit the Clinics page to explore the various low-cost options for feral cat spay/neuter services. (If you are looking for spay/neuter options for pet cats, please click here.) Feel free to e-mail us with any questions.

We are not a rescue and do not have a shelter facility, so unfortunately we are unable to take in cats. We can provide referrals to other local rescues, however, and can offer advice on placing friendly stray cats and socializing feral kittens. We can also loan out equipment (like crates) if you are interested in fostering feral kittens that you have found.

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