Spay/Neuter Clinics for Feral Cats

PLEASE NOTE: The spay/neuter clinics described here are for feral/unowned cats ONLY. Click here for spay/neuter providers for your pet cat.

Although you are welcome to take a feral cat to a private veterinarian for spaying/neutering, most feral cat caretakers prefer to use special clinics dedicated to the needs of these particular patients, both because of cost and because spay/neuter clinics dedicated to TNR are often better equipped to handle feral cats. If your own veterinarian is willing and able, however, feel free to use his or her services. Just make sure that the cat is ear-tipped if it is going to be released.

There are several options for low-cost s/n for feral cats in Baltimore. But before you even THINK about trying to catch a feral cat, please make sure you've done the following:

• Research what is involved in TNR, and any local ordinances that deal with feral/outdoor cats. (Click here for information on Baltimore City requirements.)
• Research which clinic you want to use, their requirements, cost, and availability of appointments.
• Make arrangements to borrow humane box traps. (This is the safest method of catching feral cats, both for you, and the cat!)
• Attend one of our "Helping Community Cats" feral cat workshops, or watch the video online.

Once you’ve done your initial research and developed a plan, you’ll be ready to book appointments at a clinic. You have several different options, which vary primarily by price and the waiting time for an appointment.

Option 1: Special feral cat TNR spay/neuter clinics (least expensive, longest waiting time) As of December 2016, the CCMD clinics are on hold until we establish a new partnership/location for hosting these events.  If you know of any locations we might use in the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area, please contact us at 

Option 2: “Regular” low-cost spay/neuter clinics at the Maryland SPCA (slightly more expensive, easier to get an appointment)

Option 3: Other clinics (varies widely)

ALL of these clinics require appointments to be made in advance, and the length of time you will have to wait to get an appointment varies from a few days to several months. Please do your research first; don't catch a cat and THEN try to get an appointment at a clinic!

Remember, the clinics described here are for feral/unowned cats ONLY. Click here for spay/neuter providers for your pet cat.