The Maryland SPCA’s “Fix ‘Em” Clinics

The Maryland SPCA has “regular” (i.e. not TNR) spay/neuter clinics on most days of the week (see our calendar for upcoming dates, and call or email them to confirm). These clinics are part of their "Fix 'Em" program, geared toward low income pet owners, but rescues and feral cat caretakers are also allowed to use the service. (Feral cats should be brought in traps, not carriers, if at all possible.)

At these clinics, it will cost about $50 for a male cat and $60 for a female for spay/neuter and shots. (Other treatments are available at an additional cost; ear-tipping is offered at no additional charge.) The advantage is that you can usually get an appointment at these clinics within a week or two, and it is much less expensive than a regular vet, although not as cheap as the TNR clinics.

Starting in January 2012, there will be up to 5 spaces will be set aside at each daily clinic for feral cats to be fixed for $20 per cat (same price as the monthly TNR clinic). Cats using these spaces MUST come to the clinic in traps and must be ear-tipped.

You can contact them the SPCA about appointments at these clinics by emailing at or calling 410-889-SPAY. More information is also available on the MDSPCA’s website.