Trapping Volunteers

Many of the caretakers who want to take part in our clinics are elderly or disabled. Others are simply too intimidated by the idea of trapping cats, or manage a colony that is too large for them to tackle on their own.

An important aspect of CCMD's TNR program is providing volunteer trappers to assist these caretakers, who are often the ones most in need of help. Our brave, intrepid trappers, armed with humane box traps and cans of tuna, venture forth into backyards and alleys in search of their elusive feline prey. Trapping is always an adventure, both because of the cats, and the people you'll meet!

If you've never trapped before but want to learn, volunteering with another experienced trapper is a great way to do so. We're happy to train you, and we provide traps as well. If possible, we ask our volunteer trappers to transport the cats to BARCS. We take care of returning them to their colonies after the clinic.