Other spay/neuter providers for feral cats

CCMD runs monthly spay/neuter clinics for feral/unowned cats at BARCS, the Baltimore City animal shelter. For information about our clinics, visit the Clinics page.

The list below includes some of the other local spay/neuter providers for unowned/feral cats. All clinics require appointments. Please note that the prices listed generally cover ONLY the spay/neuter, not vaccinations or other services (which are usually offered at a nominal additional cost). Most clinics will REQUIRE a rabies vaccination unless you have proof of prior, current vaccination.

Call or email for appointment availability, income requirements, and other restrictions. Prices listed are current as of April 2011.

For a list of spay/neuter providers for pet cats, click here.

Greater Baltimore area clinics:

Clinics outside the greater Baltimore area: