Feral Cat Contraception

TNR is often an ongoing project that takes some time to complete. In the meantime, cats being the fertile kitten-making machines that they are, new litters will continue to be born, which is often exasperating for caretakers who don’t feel that they can keep up. In addition, there are often long waits for the most affordable spay/neuter clinics.

CCMD stresses that TNR is the only responsible way to care for feral cats (and in Baltimore City, the only legal way!), but if you need some time to get your colony fully TNRed, we recommend trying FeralStat, a feral cat contraceptive powder that can be mixed into canned food and safely fed to an entire colony (including pregnant cats, kittens, and male cats).

FeralStat is available only by a prescription. A caretaker must contact the company and set up a phone consultation with the staff veterinarian. The medication is then prescribed and sent in the mail. The cost is about $70 for a four-month supply sufficient for up to 80 cats.

FeralStat will not end a pregnancy, but should keep a cat who is not yet pregnant from becoming pregnant. It must be fed once a week as prescribed. While it is not fail-safe, when administered properly, it does seem to reduce or eliminate pregnancies.

We are not affiliated with FeralStat, but have worked with caretakers who have administered it, and we believe it is a helpful tool to be used while a colony is being TNRed. You can find much more information available on their website, http://www.feralstat.com/.